I was recommended to Alicia Polite of PS Models and PS Management just recently.

Alicia and her group run a very interesting business – one I would like to work more with. My first experience with them was shooting the show put on at Pure Night Club in Jacksonville which had 4 designers and a large number of models walking a double runway. I have to count sometime to determine how many people were involved (models, production, designers, wardrobe, MUA and stylists) but there were a lot of people and they were well rehearsed, organized, and focused.

It was a pleasure to work and shoot with them!

They appear to have a strong work ethic which I like – plenty of practice, on time, no horseplay and clear instructions – they were well prepared for this intricate show. The following information is from their site.

“PS Management is a production company working with clients around the world. We create, produce, and stage dynamic presentation and unforgettable events. Our experience is cut through hours of searching and decision making, saving you time and costly mistakes. With 3 years of production experience, we are committed to keeping your production fresh, your brand relevant, and your business profitable.

Our events offer a unique opportunity to communicate, educate, and motivate, leaving a lasting impression. PS Management will save you money and time with our one stop production sourcing.
Managing any event around the world:
• Fashion and Hair Shows
• Charitable events
• Concerts
• Seminars and more

PS Management is a LLC, with several different brands underneath, also providing a wide range of different services among our company:
• PS Models
• Pretty Steps Shoes
• Iam Fashion Magazine

We capture your style and personality; through all the little touches
that we will make your day special and unique. Our expertise
lies in our condense attention to detail which will allow us to focus
on what is important to you.
Website www.iampsinc.com
Contact: 904-329-0294”

Hey Alicia – let me know how I can help!

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