This is the outline of the Boudoir Program we are running right now.


What does boudoir photography look like?
Here are some examples of images I have taken that I’d consider boudoir – please review them – can you see yourself in some of these? Which are your favorites?

So What is this Program?
StraleyPhotography is looking for regular women 25-50 years old interested in participating in a Boudoir Photoshoot. We would prefer that you are not a model.  The purpose of this shoot is primarily to make high quality photographic prints - if you are mostly interested in Facebook or Instagram images there is another program for you!

Talk to us about it.

Your boudoir shoot would be held in my studio in Lance aux Epines. Other location options may be available as well - we can use your home, a friend's, a hotel room - it just has to be private, safe and accessible.

For participating in this program you will receive:
     * A 60 minute professional photoshoot
     * Professional makeup application
     * Professional hair “touch-up”
     * Experience of being treated like the total queen you are
     * Same day viewing of photos and an opportunity to order some for yourself

To apply you must:
COMPLETE the answers on this form - 
  we will follow quickly to work out the details 

We will speak to you on the phone or What's App and then send you information in advance with all the details - how to prepare for your shoot, how to get here, or a place to meet if we're picking you up - everything you need to know.

Is there a cost to this shoot?
Yes - the normal cost is $300.00 which includes the makeup and comes with a $200.00 credit towards your same-day order of prints from your shoot. We sometimes discount this rate to fill vacancies or our special marketing projects. Please look for our special promotions and deals or ask us and we will review them with you.

Credits and Discount Programs - click here for promotions and other information - note some times promotions are time-sensitive.

What if I need more of something or want to have a change made?

Will I be able to more purchase prints, albums, what if I need more time, more outfits, or want to do something else in addition? 
Of course you can - No Problem - give us a call or shout - we will customize something for you - we have been doing this for years now.

Contact me here or (473) 536 8638 by phone or What's App.

What can I purchase - packages for photographs.   This video will tell you all about it!

This is Easy to do, fun, exciting, lovely to experience - we are looking forward to working with you!

What some of our clients say about their experience

StraleyPhotography - (473) 536-8638 – your thoughts, concerns, whatever