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These are images made during our time while retired and traveling to various places.

Our general life plan for the next 3 - 10 years at this point is to move from one furnished home to another one. We plan to do this someplace we have always wanted to know more about every 3 months. This means a lot of wandering and seeing what we see. The Wandering Nomads some people have called us - I guess this is good.

We are open for suggestions on where to live if you have them and would welcome your ideas. US only while our Irish Setter Mick is still with us!

More on what we are doing can be found on my wife Candi's Blog if you are interested in her perspective and reviews of places and things check it out - she is a great writer - you are welcome to visit that site regularly - if you enter your email you will get a notification of every posting - good stuff!

Is there someone great we should meet and play with, some great event to make certain to attend - your favorite place? If you have ideas on things we should do while on our travels please let me know.

You can also check me out on FB - please do consider Friending Me - I post images there every day of various types. I love helpful comments and insights!