To be open and trusting is often such a rare thing today - I am honored to have been able to see some of this celebration of renewal, of life, of a new beginning. I was given a tour which explained the meaning of the celebration - Diwali lasts for 5 days with the forth day (Padwa) marking the Hindu new year - each day commemorates a specific theme.

I love bright, colorful and shiny things and often focus my photograpy on them - you may notice that the women and girls completely dominated the images - they are powerful and grounded - and oh so colorful! I noticed that there is little white worn - I have to find out more about that - wonderful fabrics, jewlery - mostly purchased in India as clothes of this quality are difficult to find in the US.

I hope to be invited back to learn more about these people and their religion - the 1000 or so families in the greater Jacksonville area who attend this temple. They are part of this group - very interesting - I have to go there - soon!

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