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I was able to attend a celebration of Diwali this year in Jacksonville.

I am extremely grateful to the many people there who welcomed me so warmly and shared a part of themselves with me - in many cases my images from that day did not do them justice at all.

I would appreciate any corrections to inaccuracies and ommissions of information that I have made - any mistakes are not meant to offend in any way - they simply demonstrate how little I know at this point.

My contact information is easily accessible at the top of this page - you may call me or email me (or if you still write letters my mailing address is there as well). Please drop me a note with your comments - I would love to hear from people and will write back to people if contacted.

Images are not placed in the order taken - and they may move around within the site from time to time. If referring to them please use the filename and not the sequence number - the filename will not change.

You are welcome to download these images from the site at no charge - to do this simply "BUY" them and you will be charged $0. If you print them from this site you will receive prints in the mail from an extremely good, high quality wedding printer that I use - MPIX. There are many sizes and options to chose from right on this site.

Alternately you may take your downloaded images to a pharmacy or other location and print them there.

I would request the opportunity to make images with the people here - I have a studio in JAX Beach or will come to a site you select - my rates are published on the site here but I may be able to put group or specialty projects together if we discuss them. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

These images were made without the benefit of my studio lighting and all things considered I think they came out well - assuming you enjoy the quality and color - imagine how much nicer they would be with proper lighting!

I would especially love to experience and shoot Indian weddings and other ocassions for you - I would request the opportunity to discuss this with you when you are ready.

Again thank you very much - please invite me back for other events and festivals - at the temple and in other places as well.

Sincerely Michael
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