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This is what the video is going to say! Downloads really are EASY- here is what you do:
  1. select an image to download by clicking on it.
  2. go to the "buy" button upper right and buy it - if I tell you it is no charge I will not charge you - I promise
  3. I will "sell" it to you for $0.00 in this case - this tricks the system.
  4. go through the process just like any other Internet order - eventually you will get a download - and images - yeah!

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You can also share the files directly on FB - or print them from the site - the prints do cost money - but that is not why I do this - the print quality is great - or you can download an image and print it on you home printer - your choice.

This is what I do - I mostly shoot images with people - Fashion, Beauty and Glamour, Parties, Events, Boudoir - maybe check out the images on my home page - if you like them - let me know.

Maybe also check out what my clients say - it is a kick if you have a few minutes -

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