How Would You Pose In Front Of A Mirror?


This is a personal photography project.  I will be shooting scenes of approximately 15 different people and focus on the play of light and with their reflections in a mirror. The end result will be a collection of images made from the scenes that we make together called Reflections In The Mirror – or something like that.

The mirror is a stand-up mirror and you can potentially work in front of it, next to it, partially behind it - as long as somehow I can see some or all of your image reflected in the mirror glass. I purchased this mirror in a store that imports items from Bali and fell in love with it at first sight.  It's rather delicate but I think it's got some magic in the way it looks.   The mirror (without you in it) looks like this. _MSS3316

We can do this work in your home, in my home, or some other safe location (inside) that you choose. I do not want the mirror to be outside in the rain or wind.

The background for the scene can be plain and simple or it can be really elegant and glamorous – we will choose it together when planning this shoot.  I'll be using professional studio lighting during our session – I am thinking that the session will be with one person but I am open for a discussion with you about other projects with multiple people.  The focus I am looking for from you is capturing your emotions of seeing your image, and working with it, having fun with it, and capturing the reflections of all of this in the glass. I will ask you to get deep and share it with the camera. 

I need people who can express emotions, wonder, and delight and who are comfortable in their body.  The shoot will not be overtly sexual, but I do expect it will probably be pretty deep and sensual.  If this is your first time that is OK - I can provide references of other people who tried it for their first time - and who are pleased that they did - even if they were totally nervous at first.

Your set attire is lingerie with you wearing items such as a corset, teddy, camisole, or anything else lacy, silky, and slinky with stockings and high heels.   You may bring silk robes, wraps, hats or other similar things with you as props.  

This is a TF shoot which means that I will not be paying you for your time and you will not be paying me for the images we create.  The selections I make of the images will be provided in either black and white or color depending on what looks best and you'll be able to use them for your personal use.  You will be give electronic images for your personal use and you will be able to purchase prints if you so desire.

If you are genuinely interested in trying this, or if you know someone who would be interested please contact me to discuss . 

My email is [email protected], Contact me here, or better yet call me at (860) 487-1081.

Here are some images for this project made with a few wonderful friends. 

Images will be updated here as I do each session. I hope you like them.

Each of the women also has their own page on my site - this is where the images from this project are placed - the ones I will not be using.

I show the collection of the final images here. Once the project is complete I will do something with them – maybe show them in a gallery or create a book etc. - we’ll see how that goes.  In the meantime I am continuing to work - to find the right people who can help with this project.  We have made many more images that the ones for this project of course - some of the models I have shot several times!  Great fun for each of us.

Summary - 2 images per person, framed the same - 16x20 - the consistency really brings out the depth in these models in my opinion - it lets each of them shine through with their own contribution to the project.  Thanks very much to all so far.

Do you have other ideas? I’d like to hear them! Here are some other ones of mine - please check them out if this does not do it for you!

Here is the slideshow a bit larger






















Some Q&A in case it helps!  These are continued thoughts from my answers to emails – these are from my responses to other folks

  1. OK - I am mostly thinking about one person - I do not have a preset notion of whether men or women but I am interested in the contemplation, the vision they share in the reflection of the mirror - and if I can capture it. If it was a couple that might work too but I think two unrelated people while it might be fun and I would be open for it would not have the expressions I want for this project.
  2. We can shoot in my studio, in their home or in another safe place (indoors) that they chose.  I do not want a cluttered background but would be OK with a very ornate background even a baroque background in the hotel with long curtains etc.  - softish lighting vs. hard light but sharp and clear focus in the important parts of the image.  If we do it in my home we will probably use the master bedroom because it can reflect the bed in the mirror in the background and there isn’t too much on the walls – we might also try in front of the sliding glass windows.
  3. The picture in the file is a pretty good example of the feeling - the woman is trying on a wig, playing with hoping dramatically it changes her, pouting a bit and looking at the curls vs. her normally straight black hair - the whole thing looks good as a story.  I am looking for a story – you will have to create the storyline based on your experiences.
  4. Does that help - I am looking for the person to emote into and around the mirror - to project their thoughts and feelings without being over dramatic - and I want them to feel super comfortable with being in lingerie - they should be natural and comfortable vs. feeling they are being riske. Sensual vs. sexual - but not overly exaggerated.
  5. I am not going to provide a MUA - either do it yourself or bring someone to do it.  The point of this shoot is the mirror more than the glamour I often do with the makeup – thanks.
  6. If this project does not completely sound great for you and you want to do something with your boyfriend and the mirror – you said he would help you dress in front of it – that sounds great and we can shoot that for sure – but it is probably not part of this project – I will still give you ½ off the shooting fee for the first two hours so it would be $125 instead of $250 if we do it before the end of March or so.  OK?
  7. Yes you will get at least one of the images – I would expect more than that – I will select the best of them that support this project and work on them then I will provide them to you electronically – I also suggest that you purchase a print – I will  have them printed on 13x19 paper for you to purchase – or we can order them in larger sizes as well – the one I was speaking about is $35 and would need to be framed when you receive it.  I can show you examples when we get together.  Thanks
  8. Yes, anyone who will be in the shoot has to sign a model release.
  9. No I cannot shoot people for this project who are under 18.  Why don’t you and your mother call me (together) and we can discuss other options?  Do you have my number?
  10. I have had people contact me who want to justify the expense of new lingerie to their husband – this is a good plan – just tell me what to say so our stories are straight!  Every person should have new lingerie – lots of it – just saying!
  11. Yes you can bring an escort but I may put them to work.   They must be well behaved and over 18.  And nice.  No kids.  One person only