Hi there.   You recently responded back to a FB advertisement I posted looking for models and model trainees.  My system messed up shortly afterwards and Google was just fixed.  Apologies for the period where I was not able to respond.

I am a professional fashion and personality photographer so am always looking for existing experienced talent for various work AND we also offer specific training/coaching sessions to develop modeling skills for new/less experienced people to meet our expectations.

To apply to potentially work with us you would need to complete an application as well as do a test shoot with us www.straleyphotography.com/models-application

If you are very experienced with an up to date professional portfolio it is possible you will not need to do the test shoot – you can let me know and send me the link to your portfolio if this pertains to you. 

If you are less experienced, or possibly have no experience, we will require you to receive training from us in one or more of our coaching sessions – please go to  https://www.straleyphotography.com/various-documents-i-have-provided for information on these three (about ½ of the way down the page). 

If you have questions or comments you can hit me up on What’s App or phone (473) 536-8638.

Thank you for the interest!  

Michael Straley