The images in this gallery are available for no charge until 9/5/2013 - if you want a copy please get them now!

This is How to Download an Image.

If you are interested in additional images of your friend or child other than the ones I have chosen, it is possible that I may have additional ones that could be identified, cropped and provided to you - these will be $8 each. You can contact me about this via this web site and I would need to know the last four numbers of the file name they are in - it will look something like this Proteges of Fashion 2013 08 03 - 0075. All you need to provide me is the 0075 part. If there are multiple people in there tell me what they are wearing please.

There is information on the group page (the one just before this one) on what I need you to do re posting etc. , how to friend me on FB etc.

I hope you enjoy these images - I am always looking for new models and people to work with - what are your ideas? Here are some of mine.
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