I was shooting a lot of images at the Southern Womens Show this year (2013) and was fortunate enough to be permitted to work with some of the individual models as they were preparing for their show on Saturday.

The results are individual galleries below - the downloads are available at NO Charge - this is how to do it - my thanks to each of the participants and to Tina and Shante who set up the session - also to EJ who greatly helped me by carrying the majority of my equipment in and out while my knee is messed up.

I am always looking for new people to work with - here are some of my ideas - http://www.straleyphotography.com/possible-projects what are yours - talk to me about it!

I will continue to post new images in some of the galleries until I am complete - so check back for your favorites from time to time -

Thanks to everyone again - Michael
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