Nice time at the show - well done to all MUA, Stylists and Models - looked like good well done organization from the event people as well.

Images are available at no cost for the next month - if you have not done this before please see the directions to make it easier for you -

You are welcome to download these images and to post them - however (please read this) I do not permit you to modify them, crop them or use programs such as Instagram to make composites - I am asking you nicely not to do this - recently a bunch of well meaning people have been ignoring this request - these are my property that I am sharing with you - please do not take advantage - sorry for the negative note.

If you do post them (I hope you will) please tag me, the MUA, Designer and Stylists - it is the right thing to do to acknowledge everyone involved.

I am always looking for new models and interesting subjects - here are some of my ideas - what are yours?

contact me please on this if interested

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